A Solution for Every CNC Machine

When retrofitting with MS-Tech, you have two main options for your retrofits. This page goes over the differences between each option, and the benefits to each.

Regardless of which option you choose, MS-Tech is committed to having your machine running with our CNC controls, making good parts. We have a solution for everybody – we can customize our controls and services to meet your needs.

Retrofit Package Only

Retrofit package only

  • Flexible installation – Work on your own schedule.
  • Responsive support – Receive prompt support and guidance from our team. Never worry about what comes next if you get stuck.
  • On-site support available – On-site assistance can be ordered at any step of the process, or for final tuning and training. When buying our CNC control retrofit kit, you can be confident and assured in knowing that there’s only one final result: your machine installed with our control, making your part.

With this option, you will receive the hardware and software necessary to replace your old CNC control. We will provide detailed installation manuals and notes, and our team will support you throughout the retrofit.

We recommend this option for installation by engineers or technicians with a good background in electrical wiring and machine maintenance.

Professional Retrofit Service

Retrofit package with professional installation

  • Fast installation – have your machine up and running with new controls in as little as one week
  • On-site training – our engineers will provide complimentary on-site operator training
  • Testing and tuning – prior to leaving your facility, our engineers will make sure you can run your part on your machine

With this option, you will receive the hardware and software necessary to replace your old CNC control, as well as our professional installation service. We will ship the parts to your facility and send our engineers to do the retrofit – they can travel almost anywhere in the world.

We recommend this option for customers who have an urgent need for new controls.

Motors and Drives

Customers can choose between using existing motors and drives, or purchasing new ones from MS-Tech. MS-Tech has developed technologies to make either choice an easy fit with our CNC control systems.

Use Your Existing Motors & Drives

For many of our customers, keeping the existing motors and drives is a way to save more money. We have developed additional adapter boards, which make it easy to use your existing servo drives and motors with our control. MS-Tech’s CNC control solution is one of the only in the world which allows connections to existing motors and drives.

Reliable New Motors & Drives

MS-Tech works with partnered manufacturers to make MS-Tech branded motors and drives, which have been used in thousands of machines across the world. They are reliable, powerful, and unbeatable in price. Our motor and drive sets are exclusively available to our control customers at a discounted price, making them the single most cost-effective option for high quality motors and drives. If you have a better price for motors and drives, we’ll beat it.