User-Friendly Operation

MS-Tech CNC Control

  • Most of our customers agree that MS-Tech’s CNC Control interface is the easiest in operation.
  • Typically an operator can master MS-Tech CNC control within 20 minutes

Operations and Features

  • Similar operation for all types of machines installed with MS-Tech CNC Control; Mills, Turning Type, Grinding, Flame Cutters, Injection Machines, etc.
  • Realtime toolpath 3D graphic with zoom in/out for verifying NC programs before actual machining is started.

Core User Features & Functions

The following core functions are only a portion of MS-Tech’s CNC control’s capabilities.  MS-Tech’s CNC system is Fanuc G-Code compatible. Programs originally written for Yasnac control also run well for machines with new MS-Tech control.

The MS-Tech CNC control comes with the following major functions:

  1. Automatic mode for running NC program, including, single-step, optional stop, block skip, restart functions, etc.
  2. Edit mode for CNC program editing, including find/replace, G-code help, M-code help, go to a line/block, etc.
  3. MDI (Manual Data Input) mode for entering and executing CNC commands block by block, which may be selected from command history listing.
  4. Manual mode for homing, jogging by hand-wheel or by key, etc.
  5. Setup mode for tool offset and work offset data editing including offset measurement function, etc.
  6. Service mode for machine diagnosis, including ladder logic diagnosis, error message tracking, etc.
  7. Simulation function for verifying CNC programs before running
  8. Standard G-code and M-code programming per convention, and canned cycles are included.
  9. Search program either by block number or by line number
  10. Inch/mm automatic conversion for tool and work offsets

The following features have been designed to enhance the user experience:

  • Built-in 3-D tool path display
  • Built-in conversational programming
  • Program down/up load from/to USB flash disk or RS-232C com port
  • Super user-friendly — most people master the operation within 20 minutes
  • Easy subprogram handling

Customized Solutions for Specific Machine Models

Interface Boards for a Variety of Machines

This option makes your machine retrofit seamless and saves many hours of labor thus reducing machine downtime. Simply plug existing connectors to the boards and you are done!

The following are examples of some of our custom interface boards. We have more boards available for a variety of machines; please contact us for more information.

Cincinnati Arrow Series

  • We provide Servo drive interface board, spindle drive interface board and Z-Axis brake control board

Mori Seiki SL-Series CNC Lathe

  • Servo drive interface board is provided by MS Tech which means that no additional wiring is required for servo motor connections. Simply plug the existing motor connectors to the new MS-Tech interface board and you are finished

5-Axis Machines

  • Our 5-Axis retrofit package supports many high-tech features i.e. RTCP, coordinate rotation, canned cycles in an angled plane