Customer Testimonials

To us, great service, fast support, reliable technology, and a smooth retrofit experience are the most important things that we provide to our customers. See what our customers say about their experiences with MS-Tech retrofits. We sincerely hope that after working with MS-Tech, you will write a testimonial for our products and services as well.

Customer in Huntington Beach, California

We have been using MS-Tech CNC controls for approximately 15 years, having retrofitted a total of 5 CNC Mills and 1 CNC Lathe. The MS-Tech CNC controls allow our operators to quickly learn and operate CNC controls on different machines. This distinguishes MS-Tech CNC controls, but what makes MS-Tech CNC our first choice for retrofitting is the team behind the controls, who have provided us fast service and support for our machines with quick diagnoses and solutions in order to keep our machines online.


Customer in Ontario, Canada

MS-Tech’s team performed an excellent control retrofit for us. Their technicians are highly professional, and the service they provide is fast and comprehensive. They arrived in Canada and worked throughout the week to install our Cosmec router with their new control. They were willing to stay late, and did whatever they could to meet our requirements for the machine. They spent the extra time to make sure the machine runs properly, and trained our operators on the use of the new control. Retrofitting with MS-Tech was a great experience for us. We would recommend their product and service for other machine shops as well.


Customer in Valencia, California

(For the retrofitting of our Cincinnati Milacron 20V 5-axis machine)  I enclosed our check # … to cover the last two payments, rather than drag it on for another month.  The control is performing perfectly, we are pleased with this purchase.


Customer in Hagaman, New York

When my Cincinnati arrow 1000 hard drive died I looked around at options for repair.  I contacted MTS (MS-Tech) for a retrofit controller for my machine.  MTS provided a retrofit kit for my machine along with a detailed wiring diagram for my machine.  I was able to do the work myself and in five days have my machine back up and running.  MTS was available throughout the entire process for questions and troubleshooting.   (Eight months) after replacing the controller, my old Y axis servo drive failed.  MTS sent me a new servo drive the same day I called and quickly had me up and running again.  I can’t say enough for the support from this company.  I was very pleased with my choice for retrofit and happy to know a lot more about my machine after completing this.

– Dave

Customer in Lagrange, Ohio

Thank you! What you do is amazing! Your service and integrity are unmatched. Quality of product and easy of operation are very impressive. Your control sells itself. Your workmanship used to install it was very good.

I would be honored and proud to show off your work!


Customer in Rancho Cucamonga, California

As we bring on additional employees, and more people interact with the MS-Tech controls, the feedback is always very positive and everyone remarks how easy and user-friendly the controls are to use.


Customer in Petersburg, Michigan

Choosing MS-Tech was the right choice for us to Retro-fit our Deckle Maho DMU 80-P. Replacing the original MillPlus control was necessary because the cost of ownership was becoming too high and obtaining parts and service from DMG was cumbersome at best. The machine however is very tight and accurate.

After Contacting MS-Tech and deciding we could keep the original Siemens drives and servo motors, as well as their willingness to support a couple of custom requests, I put down the deposit and started the process. Three weeks later I was up and running. I have been very happy with the control and the level of service I have received from MS-Tech. This was not an easy machine to retrofit but Charlie and his engineers stuck with every problem and resolved them one by one. Information from the OEM is non-existent with Deckle Maho being out of business and DMG not really supporting Legacy equipment all that well.

I would not hesitate to use MS-Tech for future retro-fits in my shop again. We have been down this road before using two different retrofitters as well as retrofitting a few machines ourselves. I feel that the decision to use them will prove to be value added and I see no reason to pay the extra money for big name controls.


Customer in Melbourne, Australia

I intentionally purchased an old CNC lathe, Hitachi 4NF-600 because I know these older machines are very heavy, rigid and strong, their only problem is the electronics, wiring and time to program. All of my programming on CNC lathes and mills are done using Mastercam.

After reading through the MS-Tech Integration and Operation in detail, it was easy to see that this was a system that was universal enough to cater for what I required. There was only one more test that I required for purchasing this system, this was a quick call to the tech support for MS-Tech. I spoke to Charlie Kong who was an absolute expert on the MS-Tech system, with excellent knowledge of Hitachi lathes, Fanuc servo’s and speed controllers. He even gave me advice at this moment with a problem I was having controlling run away on the DC motor was the original Fanuc 6T controller.

The purchased the system from MS-Tech in October 2014, then fitted it up and rewired the entire control box, removing the masses of original wiring. I was able to do this myself as I have good wiring and understanding of electrical systems. I also had the complete wiring diagrams from the original system (this had many modifications, the machine is 1981 build, 3 owners) which MS-Tech took copies of and made me up a new wiring list for their controls. I ran the original controller until December and changed over the the MS-Tech system. During the retrofit I required tech advice from MS-Tech on many occasions because of modifications which had been done to my CNC, they were very helpful and polite with every question that I asked, with full respect that I am not from the industry of CNC retrofitting or maintenance.

I now have been using the MS-Tech system for 3 months, it is an absolute pleasure to use, very fast to program, especially the use of the simulator. I now have excellent knowledge of the ladder PLC system and how to modify it to suit my application. I most certainly would not be as wise today without the help from Charlie Kong.

I sincerely thank MS-Tech and Charlie Kong for the friendly advice, knowledge, and the brilliant system,


Customer in Santa Fe Springs, California

I employed the MS-Tech Corporation to retrofit a Miyano 6BC Lathe with their CNC control. The machine was strong and in good mechanical condition, but the old control was becoming problematic. The outdated paper tape system for storing and loading programs was becoming difficult to maintain, tape-punching machines were difficult to find, fix, and use.

The new MS-Tech CNC system which was installed has solved all of these problems, and made set-ups, editing, and program storage state of the art. I especially like being able to cut and paste portions of existing programs in order to create new ones on the fly. Creating a Z0 position or moving Z0 for creating multiple parts in the same program has become greatly simplified, and easy to adjust. The threading cycles have features I have never seen in any other system. There are multiple ways for the threading tool to approach the finish cut, which include angle and zig-zag approaches. The programmer has infinite control of the thread pull-out rather than just straight out or a standard hard-wired angle. I have cut ID, OD, left hand, right hand, and tapered threads with great success, which I measure greatly in tool life.

If you have a machine in good condition with an outdated control, selecting the MS-Tech CNC control for retrofitting would be the best option to employ.


Customer in Temecula, California

When we received a quotation from MS-Tech Corporation on retrofitting our 5-axis Toshiba milling machine, we had a question why MS-Tech’s price was less than half of what two other retrofit companies quoted. Saving money is always good thing, but we had to be very careful to make sure that there was no risk, since the machine was a quarter million asset and we need it for machining large sized precision parts.

After detail-oriented investigation and comparison, we concluded that the saving from MS-Tech’s quote was because: a) MS-Tech Corporation has its own CNC controller that offers the same functionality as other CNC controllers do but with a better pricing; b) MS-Tech’s technology allows us to select either new servos or to use the machine’s existing ones. We realized that we did not have to purchase costly new servos while the existing servo motors and drives were still running great and trouble-free.

Then we called three companies from five trade references supplied by MS-Tech. All the people we reached gave A-1 rating on MS-Tech’s retrofitting results. One of the companies had six of its machines retrofitted by MS-Tech in the past. Meanwhile, we also got a high evaluation on MS-Tech’s retrofitting from a visiting machinery dealer whom we know for a long time.

MS-Tech’s price was including travel and lodge; therefore we paid exactly what they quoted after the retrofitting had done. Their on-site installation lasted about a week. We were fully satisfied when we test-run the machine under new MS-Tech CNC control.

Now a few years have passed since the machine retrofit was completed. The machine runs well and we are happy with MS-Tech’s retrofitting solution. Not only the MS-Tech CNC control is reliable, but also offers very user-friendly operation. We are glad for having selected MS-Tech as the retrofitter for us. We highly recommend MS-Tech Corporation to the machining industry for the people who need the best solution on their outdated CNC machines.