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What is the price of the MS-Tech CNC Control Package?
The price of a CNC Control package is depending on the machines to be retrofitted, please submit a request for quotation. We will give you a prompt reply on the price and availability of the package for your specific machine.

Where is MS-Tech CNC Control made?
MS-Tech CNC Control is designed and developed in the USA and manufactured by our contracted manufacturers.

What is the learning curve of the MS-Tech CNC Control for a machine operator?
If an operator knows how to operate a CNC machine, then he will need about 20 minutes to learn to run machines with MS-Tech CNC Control. All our customers agree that MS-Tech CNC Control is most user-friendly CNC system in the market.

Where can I ask other questions ?
For any questions and comments, please e-mail us at tech@ms-tech.com. We will promptly respond to your questions.

Technical Support

Please send us an email to tech@ms-tech.com to tell us as much details as possible about your machine’s situation and your concern. Our support engineers will promptly send instructions back to you.

Herewith let’s discuss CNC Alarm VMN-017. Alarm VMN-017 is an emergency-stop (E-Stop) alarm, which may be caused by one of the following:

  • an over-travel protection limit switch is triggered;
  • an alarm from a servo drive is received;
  • an alarm from a spindle drive is received;
  • an overload alarm from magnetic contactors etc is received;
  • Other emergency stop condition as programmed in the PLC, such low air pressure etc.

Please follow the following steps to troubleshoot the alarm:

  1. Press/click [Esc] key twice to go back to the Main mode of the CNC;
  2. Push down and then release the [Emergency Stop] pushbutton;
  3. Press and release the [Servo Enable] pushbutton if there is one on panel;
  4. Press [F6] for Service mode;
  5. Press [F4] to view PLC ladder rung #1. If the square symbol on right is in RED color, the machine is in emergency alarm. Any symbol in GREEN color on the screen is the cause of the alarm. (Now let’s suppose R154 is in GREEN color on the Rung#1 for continuous discussion.)
  6. Click or press [Page Down] button a few times until you see a ladder rung with a RED output named as R154. (If you go too far, you can click [Page-Up] to go back.)
  7. Any input in GREEN color in the ladder is the cause. (Now let’s suppose input I26 is the cause. Variable name start with “I” is an input.) Look the name of the input under the green symbol. (For example, if I26 is “TurretMtrOL”, then you know that the alarm is caused by “Turrent Motor Overloaded”.
  8. The rest of the troubleshooting is to clear or reset the overloaded condition electrically or mechanically. If the motor is controlled by a magnetic contactor, please locate and reset the thermal element on the contactor by pushing its level.
  9. You may also look at the alarm history by pressing [F6] from Main mode, and then press [F6] again.

Again, please send us an email to tech@ms-tech.com to tell us as much details as possible about your machine’s situation and your concern. We will get back to you soon.