Easy to Install

MS-Tech’s CNC control is a combination of state-of-the-art quality hardware and advanced software for CNC machines.  Each component of MS-Tech’s hardware and software was designed specifically for use in its designated function.

As a result, MS-Tech’s CNC retrofit kit contains the key components needed to install our system and have it running fully operational.   Servo drives and motors are not included in MS-Tech’s listed price.  While we do sell them upon request, typically MS-Tech’s CNC system interfaces with existing motors and drives seamlessly, allowing you to replace the CNC control while keeping the mechanically good components the same, providing a more efficient (in both time and money) retrofit process.  However, there are some machines that have existing drives incompatible with MS-Tech’s CNC system; please contact MS-Tech for more information.

MS-Tech provides a full installation manual and allows for free, unlimited email-based technical support.   You will be surprised at how easy the control system is to install and use.

The following is provided to assist your installation process:

  •      Full installation manual
  •      Retrofitting checklist
  •      Suggested Wiring diagrams
  •      Licensed CNC Software pre-installed
  •      Machine specific Parameters pre-configured
  •      Cabling between major control units is provided

MS-Tech offers an optional, quick installation service for its CNC control package, designed to minimize machine downtime.  Typically, two MS-Tech technicians can have a machine retrofitted and operational within 5 work days from arrival.  For information or a quotation regarding our installation service, please contact us directly via phone, email, or eBay message.

Core Features for Retrofitters

The following features are intended to help retrofitters to expedite and simplify the retrofitting process.  MS-Tech’s CNC control package has the following features:

  • Built-in PLC ladder programming utility for I/O control
  • Built-in PID tuning utility for motor performance tuning
  • Built-in diagnostic utility for system trouble-shooting
  • Built-in macro for automatic tool change control

Servo Motors and Drives

MS-Tech’s CNC control system can interface directly with your pre-existing motors and drives for most machines.  However, new MS-Tech servo motors and drives can be ordered to prevent issues from outdated and worn drives, as well as save time by directly interfacing with the CNC control system.  These motors and drives are not included in the eBay price — for more information regarding these items, please contact us directly.

  • In addition to the customization options below, all the technology is owned by us and as such we can customize the CNC Control to meet your specific needs i.e. tool changer, system parameters, special mounting of components etc.

Installation Services Available

Our engineers have been doing retrofits for decades. They are able to have your machine up and running with a new control faster than other retrofit options. Below are the typical lead times that our technicians can have your machine ready:

  • Mori Seiki SL-1/SL-2/SL-3 CNC Lathe: 4 days
  • Cincinnati Arrow 500/750/1000/1250: 8-10 days
  • Matsuura MV-1000 3 axis machining center: 2 weeks
  • Kearney & Tracker MM600/MM800 4-Axis Machining Center: 3 weeks
  • Cincinnati 20V 5-Axis milling machine: 3-4 weeks
  • We can arrange installations ANYWHERE in the world