CNC Machine Control Retrofit Package

Core User Features & Functions:

The following core functions are only a portion of MS-Tech’s CNC control’s capabilities.  MS-Tech’s CNC system is Fanuc G-Code compatible. Programs originally written for Yasnac control also run well for machines with new MS-Tech control.

The MS-Tech CNC control comes with the following major functions:

  1. Automatic mode for running NC program, including, single-step, optional stop, block skip, restart functions, etc.
  2. Edit mode for CNC program editing, including find/replace, G-code help, M-code help, go to a line/block, etc.
  3. MDI (Manual Data Input) mode for entering and executing CNC commands block by block, which may be selected from command history listing.
  4. Manual mode for homing, jogging by hand-wheel or by key, etc.
  5. Setup mode for tool offset and work offset data editing including offset measurement function, etc.
  6. Service mode for machine diagnosis, including ladder logic diagnosis, error message tracking, etc.
  7. Simulation function for verifying CNC programs before running
  8. Standard G-code and M-code programming per convention, and canned cycles are included.
  9. Search program either by block number or by line number
  10. Inch/mm automatic conversion for tool and work offsets

The following features have been designed to enhance the user experience:

  • Built-in 3-D tool path display
  • Built-in conversational programming
  • Program down/up load from/to USB flash disk or RS-232C com port
  • Super user-friendly — most people master the operation within 20 minutes
  • Easy subprogram handling

Easy Installation:

MS-Tech’s CNC control is a combination of state-of-the-art quality hardware and advanced software for CNC machines.  Each component of MS-Tech’s hardware and software was designed for straight forward installation and user-friendly operation.

As a result, MS-Tech’s Cincinnati VC Series CNC retrofit package contains both CNC and PLC components needed to make the CNC machine fully operational.  MS-Tech CNC control sends +/- 10V command signals to servo and spindle drives, and accepts quadrature encoder-type signals for feedback.

Typically, MS-Tech’s CNC system interfaces with existing motors and drives seamlessly, allowing you to replace the old CNC control while keeping the good motors and drives, to achieve a more efficient (in both time and money) retrofit process.  In case your servo or spindle drive on the machine has problem, please contact MS-Tech for retrofit solution with new motors and drives.

MS-Tech provides a full installation manual and allows for free, unlimited email-based technical support.   You will be surprised at how easy the control system is to install and use.

The following is provided to assist your installation process:

  •      PDF Installation manual
  •      Retrofitting checklist
  •      Reference wiring diagrams
  •      Licensed CNC Software pre-installed
  •      Machine specific parameters pre-configured
  •      Cabling between major control units provided

MS-Tech offers an optional, quick installation service for its CNC control package, designed to minimize machine downtime.  Typically, two MS-Tech technicians can have a machine retrofitted and operational within 4 work days from arrival.  For a quotation regarding our installation service, please contact us directly via phone, email, or eBay message.

Core features for retrofitters:

The following features are intended to help retrofitters to expedite and simplify the retrofitting process.  MS-Tech’s CNC control package has the following features:

  • Built-in PLC and ladder programming utility for I/O control
  • Built-in PID tuning utility for servo performance tuning
  • Built-in diagnostic utility for system trouble-shooting
  • Built-in macro for automatic tool change control

Intuitive User Interface:

MS-Tech CNC is capable of doing complicated machining jobs with ease of operation and programming.  Our user interface was designed to provide operators with the greatest convenience for day-to-day use — a typical operator can learn how to use MS-Tech’s CNC system within 20 minutes.  A full PDF operator manual will be provided with the CNC package.

A customer wrote to us: “As we bring in additional employees and more people interact with the MS-Tech controls, the feedback is always very positive and everyone remarks how easy and user-friendly the controls are to use”.

Servo Motors and Drives:

Servo drives and motors are not included in MS-Tech’s listed price. MS-Tech’s CNC control system can interface directly with your pre-existing motors and drives for most of the Cincinnati VC model number machines.  However, new MS-Tech servo motors and drives can be ordered to prevent issues from outdated and worn drives, as well as save time by directly interfacing with MS-Tech’s CNC solutions. Please contact MS-Tech for pricing and delivery information.

The following parts list covers the basic components included in each MS-Tech CNC control retrofit package. Our engineers customize each package for your specific machine, so final parts list may include additional items.

11Operator panel unit (OPU)

A closed unit ready for being installed in front of a machine. The OPU consists of a built-in 15" LCD color display, an MDI input device, a manual pulse generator, and pushbuttons of Emergency-Stop, Cycle-Start, Feed-Hold, etc.
21Motion controller unit (MCU)

A self-cooling, highly-reliable, industrial-grade motion control computer with a solid-state hard drive, built-in PLC, etc.
31Signal connection unit (SCU)

It is a control signal connection unit for connecting to/from OPU, MCU, servo drives, spindle drive, relays, and magnetic contactors. It has built-in optically-isolated home switch inputs, limit switch inputs, general purpose inputs and outputs.
41Power supply unit #1 (PSU1)

For supplying power to OPU, MCU, and SCU.
51Power supply unit #2 (PSU2)

For I/O switch use.
61Mouse tray

To be attached to the bottom of the OPU.
71USB mouse
81I/O expansion board (IOX)

For controlling solenoid valves and receiving input signals
91 One set of I/O modules for DC inputs, AC outputs, DC outputs. The actual types and quantities are depending on the machine to be retrofitted. MS-Tech willmakesure to ship enough I/O modules.
Licensed MS-Tech CNC control software

Pre-installed in the MCU for your specific type machine.
111One set of customized machine data files. MS-Tech will install the right machine data files for the type of the machine you ordered.
121Operator manual in PDF format
131Integration manual in PDF format
141Reference wiring diagrams in PDF format
151OPU power cable

For connection from SCU to OPU
161OPU Pushbutton cable

For connection from SCU to OPU
171OPU eHMI cable

For connection from MCU to OPU
181OPU USB extension cable

For connection from MCU to OPU
191SCU control signal cable

For connection from MCU to SCU
201IOX expansion cable

For connection from SCU to IOX
211There may be other components that MS-Tech deems necessary based on experience